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Have you been missing fun Project Batman episodes? WET YOUR WHISTLE! Kenn, Sean, and Vincent catch you up on what they've been up to. There's some talk about Project Batman, but besides some discussion of the new Star Wars and Jurassic Park trailers, they get into some really personal issues. We felt we owed you this, to those who've followed this long. Stay tuned, faithfuls.

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We're so close to the first visual storytelling you'll see of any form. Listen to us talk about it/where we're at/what we've been doing. Check out our YouTube channel for our latest episode of Bat-Vision! Follow @project_batman on Twitter and weareprojectbatman on Instagram!

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It's in the title! Here are some updates! Follow @project_batman for future Bat-Vision releases!

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The guys discuss what to expect in the upcoming video show, and are cut off from a lot of miscellaneous opinions and topics by a very unfortunate technical malfuntion. :(

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The guys play some music they've worked on, talk about the storyboard for the scene their working on, and lots of other things that are mostly not related to Batman or this project! Kenn saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and enjoyed it very much.

Follow us on instagram to see our regular updates! Username: weareprojectbatman!

Twitter: @Project_Batman

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The guys plea for your attention, discuss possibilities for the upcoming video blog, Dean Trippe's Something Terrible, the full-length Star Wars fan-film Threads of Destiny, and new ideas and animation brought forth by Sean's storyboarding!

Follow us on twitter @Project_Batman. Email the show at Like us on Facebook (Project Batman, the Batman: Immortal fan-film project). Follow our new Instagram account! Handle: weareprojectbatman!

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The guys get together to discuss the end of phase 1, the beginning of Phase 2, podcasting format/changes, Facebook usage, listener input, various news, and begin to storyboard a scene of the movie! Contact us by following on twitter @Project_Batman or email us at

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It's here.

Finally, after a year of writing and a month of difficulties, the Batman Immortal official screenplay comes to life in this energetic table read.

Containing scores from "Batman: The Animated Series" as well as two original compositions by Vincent Ottobre, a temp soundtrack is added for a true cinematic feel.

Read along with us by downloading the .pdf at batmanimmortal/com/read-the-screenplay and join us in our presentation of what we hope, in a few short years, will be the best Batman film to grace the world's eyes for years to come.

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After finishing their latest edits, Project Batman sends copies of Batman: Immortal to Paul & AJ of the esteemed podcast Gobbledygeek to read through the script from the geekiest of perspectives, inspecting for anything the boys might have missed. Do they lock in a final version of the script after the call? You'll have to listen to find out!

Check out all the nerdy goodness Gobbledygeek is up to at!

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Project Batman finishes the massive undertaking that was sifting through script feedback, to finally put the last editing touches on their screenplay! You can hear them finish it live!

Next: The boys send their edited script to the guys of the Gobbledygeek podcast for the final review before cementing it all.

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The guys continue trudging through the final pass on their script... with optimism!!

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In the first Kenn-and-Otto-only episode since very early in the project, the two of them continue making progress on the final rewrite of the script, changing multiple common problem areas for the better!

Check out the official Project Batman website, and read the FINAL version of the script at!!

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Chris joins Kenn & Otto in Sean's absense, as they begin reshaping some problematic scenes in their script.

Check out our official website, where you can read the completed script,!!

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The group begins the undertaking of the final rewrites! With special guest Chris "Lemme Get" Dillon! In order to keep to our one phase per year statement, we'll be releasing 8 episodes in the next 8 days! So here's for a productive podcasting week.

ALSO: we have a website now! Check us out at!!!

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The guys discuss the last two episodes of feedback and lay out how they should go about the rewrite after lots of feedback.

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Kenn sits down with regulars on his other podcast (So Let's Get To The Point), Tom & Rosy Wagoner, to get their reactions after reading the Batman: Immortal script.

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The guys brace themselves for their first round of in-person, page-by-page review. Things get fun, tense, emotional, defensive, and overall (and most importantly) productive. Guests include indie writer/director Joseph William Lewis (watch his film "Nowheresville" at - Kenn plays a role in it!), Batman fan (though not familiar with B:TAS) Randall Hodge, and previous guest and B:TAS fan Christian Cooke. Follow @Project_Batman, @TheKennEdwards, @ToastedSchizo, @randallhodge, & @cooke9000.

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The guys make through their independent pass of the script before sending it to print, to send it out to test readers! Next time: we sit down with test readers to discuss it!

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The guys fall behind a bit when they realize they should probably totally re-work the Batcave ambush, as well as make a few more edits. More of the writing process!

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The boys go through their rough draft page-by-page to ensure ultimate scriptiness! 

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Kenn brings the rough draft of the climax to read through before the rest of the groupd does their final pass on the script... they have a script printed out before new years!

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The guys spend a long time hanging out and having fun writing the climax of the film! This episode is split over two locations: the regular Batcave recording cove, and, Waffle House!!

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